Poems to the Heart

A poem book.

Poems to the Heart - Extract

I stand in the darkness

Of sorrow and fear

As the demons of depression

Have driven me here


They want me to be normal

To be happy and kind

But did they ever consider

How I can be blind?


Not blind in the meaning

But blind by the heart

Blinded by the tears

Blinded by the dark


Things have no meaning

At least not anymore

I’m not as I was

How I was before


With a knife at my chest

I hung my head low

Pressing the blade deeper

Allowing a crimson sea to flow


Saying one last vow:

I will not change who I am

As hard as any of you try

This is me giving up


This is my one last goodbye

But then I realised

​I realized suicide is not the way

For I saw the blissful sight


Of a depressing night dawning into a beautiful day

Just before death snatched me away……

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