Wounded Dream

3 towers.

Millions of teens. Trapped and willing to escape at midnight tonight.

The Apprehsives, The Despondents and the Bidirectionals try to break free for their freedom into an unknown place.

No doubt there will be blood, death, heartbreak and the unexpected….


Three towers, millions of helpless teenagers- all planning to go on the run at midnight tonight. Its been a while since any speculation or talk of something this big had been spiralling around, any form of strain against the rules and regulations of staying captive in here would be punishable by death. But even death seemed more inviting than staying here for the rest of our lives. I’m an Apprehensive. So is Christian. And Peter. And Scarlet. And all the other hundreds of people that span across the ages of thirteen to nineteen. We are held in the lock-down ‘Apprehension’ tower. Twenty-four miles away stands the ‘Tower Of Extremes’, prison to over nine-hundred ‘Bidirectionals’ . Then, another Twenty-four miles south of both towers, is the ‘Tower Of Despondency’, home to the brimming population of over five-hundred thousand ‘Despondents.’ These are only estimated figures and are out of date. The population check is carried out every five years by the security of each Tower. It is not permitted for any member of any tower to be aware of the information about the other towers. But I’m Shade. I’m committed and determined. In just three hours, millions of teens will be pouring out the tower gates and running for freedom. Most will be killed on sight but for those who do make it- a bright future shines their way. Its something that I have influenced. A revolutionary idea that I have sparked. I’ve only been in this place for a few months, while others have been imprisoned for years. Everyday, the Security of each tower tells the masses of adolescents how we have ‘fucked up our lives’ and that is the reason why we are here. To learn a lesson. None of us have any idea what lays outside each of our Towers’ gates, but we are willing to find out. Yes, there will be blood and tears and inevitable losses of lives, and I’m the one who started the idea, so I’m held responsible. But I am also responsible for those who might make it out alive. I’m responsible for their futures. I’m responsible for the run. Some argue saying that it was their choice to join me and that I hold no responsibility over any deaths or casualties carried out by the security when the majority get caught. They said it could happen to anyone, but they are just being nice and trying to ease off the pressure. Just four-months ago, I was a happy fifteen-year old girl who had a family and a best friend who I loved so much. Now I look across the room and meet Scarlet’s eyes. A single tear drips down her cheek because she knows what I know. The odds for us both making it are not good. Scarlet’s records at the ‘Apprehension Tower’ is one full of offences and backlashes that have been dealt with by the security. If there is anyone who they will be on the look for tonight, its her. I’ve lost myself in these few months, I can’t lose Scarlet either. And in the first time in forever, what is actually going to happen in two-hours and fifty-three minutes hits me and I break out in an uncontrollable sheen of sweat…..

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